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8 Best Twitter apps for Android that has useful features

Twitter is among the three top social networking sites in the world. With time, twitter apps for android have also changed, there are many twitter apps available, but few of them are worth considering. Most of twitter apps have basic features but handful of them supports multiple accounts, themes, and user-defined options. In this article you can review the best twitter apps for android and can decide that which apps suits you a most and apps you need to ignore.

1.       Carbon.               

This twitter is a long time fan favorite app that comes with lot many features. It has a nifty features like tilting the feed to update, built-in browser and YouTube player, Get it on Google PlayList and Trending support, and filters.

2.       UberSocial

UberSocial app is there since the early days of android. It comes with options like mute hash tags or users and the option to create a list of favorite users. This app helps avoiding spoilers on television shows or chatting up the latest films.

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3.       HootSuite

HootSuite is a first app that supports multiple social networks. If you are looking for Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Twitter support than this app is a best choice. It comes with all basic features in which you can post things and read what others have posted.

4.       Falcon Pro

Falcon Pro is a feature app that is proving its worth in android devices. Users can view feed, mentions, direct messages, retweets, favorites, lists, and user profiles, all in a gesture-based sliding interface that keeps your stream front and center. It also allows you to edit your profile within the app.

5.       Twicca

Twicca has almost all the features of the regular twitter application. Twicca is the highest rated Twitter app on the list with a 4.5 in the Google Play Store. The reason for it being highest rated is its features and nice interface that users seem to be enjoying. It is so well designed and light weighted that users can run it on oldest Android device with no problem.

6.       Plume

Plume comes with the very nice set of features and is one of the most powerful twitter apps for android. It comes with very decent interface and theming options also a strong widget selection. This is a useful app for all those who like and take twitter seriously.

7.       Twitter

Twitter app is a best way to stay connected with your friends and share photos, video and comments. In this, app users get real-time stories, pictures, videos, conversations, ideas, and inspiration all in their timeline.

8.       Seesmic

Last but not the list Seesmic was the first twitter app to include facebook support. Seesmic includes complex features of Facebook such as posting to pages as an admin. However, the interface seems quite outdated but the features that it comes with makes it useful.

These are the top 8 Twitter apps for android along with their download links. These apps are best rated in Google play store and come with many good and useful features. Users can make their choice easier with these selective number of twitter apps.




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